Brand New Engagement Rings in the Antique Style

Today’s message is for men, which doesn’t happen too often on the Blog! Of course, as I continue a lot on my Instagram page, I got engaged towards the end of last year.

It came at a time when a lot of people I knew had recently gotten engaged, and I also found that many of my male friends had thought about asking the question ever since. It’s funny how when friends announce their news, It makes these normally private men come out of their shell a little, eager to share their thoughts about the engagement.

For men, I understand why they say they have a real mix of concerns and worries, mainly about doing the right thing right. If your partner longs for a “simple” engagement ring, you may be wondering what a “simple” engagement ring means? After all, there is no simple explanation for taste, and what a person considers simple may not be easy in the eyes of others.

For most men, buying an engagement ring is the maiden voyage into the labyrinth of women’s jewelry and they tend to be afraid. Very scared. Entering a jewelry store as a man is like going to a 5-year-old’s birthday party dressed as a Piñata; they are immediately discovered, approached and played from the very beginning. Your lady is worth everything you feel, not what you buy her, so don’t be guilty of spending money you don’t have.

Although the internet is a great place to browse styles and shapes, colors and carats, your best experience to buy will come from a visit to a body store. Once you have gathered the Inspiration online, find a local store near you that is reputable, such as Jacobs The Jewellers Reading & berkshires reliable and independent jewelers who have decades of experience in jewelry and customer service!

In this sense, antique engagement rings seem to be on the rise. Old styles that evoke memories, tell stories and feel a little more special. Therefore, in today’s post I wanted to give some tips on shopping for antique engagement rings, which can make the most beautiful proposal as a gift, so to speak.

1. Budget

No woman wants to know that her husband will be in debt forever because of the huge rock that she carries every day. Therefore, if you shop smart and have antique engagement rings in mind, this might just work for you.

First of all, let’s consider your Budget. If you are looking for a simple antique engagement ring, maybe because you have little money or you are trying to stretch it. Let me say just one thing about your Budget; it’s pretty good. Anyway, it’s good enough. You will be able to find something beautiful with what you have.

The wonderful thing about antique styles is that they are endowed with many unique engagement ring attributes, both custom-made and wonderful for the wearer. They can be magnificent, iridescent and colorful, reminiscent of the Great Gatsby of the 1920s. Or they can be a delicate gold ribbon with a pretty crystal. Do some research online, define a style and stick to a Budget.

2. Publication

Let’s talk about metals: Gold is beautiful, Silver is a little too flexible and temporary – yet platinum or titanium are much affordable and much more durable than other engagement ring bracelet options.

However, the material must match what works for your other half. If she always wears silver, look for sterling silver, white gold or platinum. White gold and platinum are extremely durable engagement rings and can also be very functional for a woman who works with her hands and runs the peril of damaging her jewelry on other hard surfaces.

3. Stone

Diamonds are not necessarily a reference for old engagement rings. You have a whole planet full of stones to choose from, from birthstones to unique gemstones – old and new. Ancient stones seem more forgiving, as they are a little more unique in the choice of stones, mainly due to the variety of styles.

If you are clinging to both the stone and the style, it is worth asking for help from a leading jeweler. For example, Flaxman Fine Jewellery – whose impressive selection of antique-style decorative engagement rings is used in this blog post – has years of experience in leading buyers through the buying process with expertise. They have an Art Deco, Vintage, Edwardian and Victorian style, to name just a few, where experts can explain which stones best match these styles. You can click here to find out more.

4. Color

Only you can determine what you think will work here, but if you are really stuck, you can always Suggest a costume ring, and then allow your other half to buy an antique engagement ring with you.

At Flaxman Fine Jewelry, I love the engagement ring site that highlights the styles of antique rings and breaks them down into understandable parts. You can learn more about 1940s and 1950s style rings that use precious metals and get inspired by the eye-catching designs of antique Art Deco style engagement rings.

5. Carved

Go back to your jewelry box and write down the size of your ring. Being a little James Bond in this area will help to increase the moment of surprise, and that’s too easy; take a ring and take it to the jeweler for reference. If you are worried that your Lady thinks she has been stolen, try drawing the ring on Paper and leave your copy!

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