Check Out Femme Luxe Finery Haul Review

So, while we are all stuck in self-isolation, I am taking advantage of the time to update the Blog with many of my favorite outfits that I wore before hiding at home.

Today is day 10 of self-isolation for me. I was at the supermarket (God help me, rushing between ASDA, Morissons and ALDI) and at the post office (I run an Etsy store that always takes orders), but otherwise, I was very calm, sitting at home and working on everything related to content, YouTube, website stuff, SEO… You know the typical blogger exercise.

Of course, in these difficult times, this has a huge impact on my business as a content creator. But I’m staying positive and I’m not panicking yet. I wisely use the time to work on content that I can be proud of without following the guidelines of the brands (which accompany the sponsored content). Although this question will be asked of me for another fourteen days and I can tear my hair out…

The dress I’m wearing in this photo is from Femme Luxe Finery, an online retailer that I share a lot on Instagram. I like how their fashion is trendy, affordable and super stylish. Of everything I own from this brand, however, this little golden swing dress has to be my ultimate favorite.

I found it while browsing the clothing category and now I want to own it in any color. I can combine with tights and a jacket for autumn and spring, and in summer the legs are all out!

I’m thinking of hunting it in black, cream, gray and maybe white….

I would literally get that much wear and tear from them. Ridiculously comfortable, spacious, and pretty. Keep an eye on my Blog over the next few weeks, because I finally have the opportunity to go through my backlog of images and upload some nice fashion content here again.

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