Enzoani Bridal Dress at Bridal Lounge Cheshire

As things stand, I’m currently in about 5 stores when it comes to Shopping for my wedding dress, and it’s definitely been a learning experience so far. I created the clothing store with a few styles and immediately reduced some important styles without thinking about it. Some wedding shops take what they say and adhere to their preferences without any challenge, and although this is convenient if you really know what you want, it limits your choices if you are a little unsure.

I wanted to share my experience Of trying on a range of dresses by Designer Enzoani at the Bridal Lounge Cheshire that I visited the other day, because I think the store has absolutely stunning designs. I’ve already shared my excitement about trying out the Alan Hannah series at the Bridal Lounge Cheshire here, which you might want to read a bit about. However, since I left the store, I have been thinking more and more about the stunning Enzoani dresses…

A little background first: the Cheshire Bridal Salon is based in Hazel Grove, Stockport, and hosts designers such as Enzoani, Alan Hannah, Mia Mia, Luna Novias and Eternity Bridal. I would say that if you are a bride from 25 to 39 years old looking for a more modern and sophisticated wedding and you are interested in fashionable Looks, you will love the Enzoani and Luna Novias collections.

Both designers are distinguished by eye-catching dresses that enhance the figure, emphasizing complex details, cuts that complicate the body and the most beautiful features. I tried on some of the styles that I noticed and I feel like some of these styles need to be passed on to brides-to-be!

Well, this one was my favorite dress of all the dresses I tried on during my session with Suzanne at the Bridal Lounge Cheshire. I can’t get over the beauty of the intricate details of the top in the corset style. I have learned so far that I am not a big fan of the clean and textured lines of some dresses with a heart-shaped neckline, so I like anything that brings a touch Of ornament and breaks that bold neckline.

The lace overlay and the beautiful train also highlight this dress for me, as well as the beautiful Silhouette it gives to the body. Alternating this time with a sleeve style, this magnificent thicker fitted dress, again with the most incredible lace yoke and the most incredible details. The deep neckline is not too deep, which means that this style is flattering for women with smaller and larger breasts.

This one is a kind of “Redheads” on the buttocks and shows a superb lower back. This one and the dress above are two that really take my breath away, which I would love with so many ladies out there. Now this one is the “Wow” when it comes to a deep finish and the most awesome back I’ve ever seen. This dress can actually be seen on many marketing materials and bridal photographs because it is so fantastic.

The deep front is a little too deep for me with my small chest, but I have the impression that if you have a little more curves than me, this one will flatter your shape completely.

And then just admire the detail of the back! It’s just incredibly beautiful. This train and the lace and the shape…. just wow. Since I left the Bridal Lounge Cheshire, I’ve been thinking a lot about Enzoani and Luna Novias, so maybe I’ll come back for a second visit. Now that I’m armed with a few other styles that I know fit my shape, and cuts that flatter my body, it might be useful to try more of the Enzoani range.

Stay tuned! I will also be documenting my future bridal journey on Instagram, so be sure to come here. You can also find the Cheshire Bridal Lounge on Instagram – a great way to keep up to date with dates and new collections.

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