Look Wearing Clean Bright White

Throughout the previous suspension – as I was venturing into my 6th week – I found pleasure in wearing comfortable and casual outfits. Most of the time you will find me in comfortable joggers and a comfortable hoodie, but let’s not forget that we have had incredibly beautiful warm weather.

We have had about two weeks of gorgeous sunshine in the north west, which unfortunately escaped us this week, Although I am sure it will return soon (even if it is not as hot, I am just happy with the warm and windless air).

I realized that I was not-found a certain item in my wardrobe when the sun’s rays came out: elegant T-Shirt dresses. I mean, I have these haute couture dresses that are perfect for brunch or going out with the girls. But no casual and sporty T-shirts, if you understand what style I want to describe.

This little wardrobe problem has now been solved due to my recent addition to my lock capsule collection. In these photos, I am wearing my brand new white T-Shirt dress with ribbon collar from SIKSILK. I heard about SIKSILK because of his sportswear and street style, although I have never worn his items until this week. I can promise you that I am filled with very beautiful, high-quality clothes from the brand that I literally can’t wait to share!

The T-Shirt dress is the first one I present, because I wore it yesterday before the rain. This is the brightest and cleanest clean white color that looked very nice with my slightly dirty cream Converse. And of course, it goes perfectly with my cup of white tea!

I just need a little more gradual artificial tanning and I hope I can continue… Recently, I have received many articles from fast and trend-oriented fashion retailers due to my Instagram page. Although some of the items are super pretty, I can’t help but notice the thin material and the way the items don’t feel too comfortable on my skin. By the time I pulled on a gray hoodie and a matching jogging suit from SIKSILK, the fit, touch and texture of the top and bottom were absolutely lush.

I was really very satisfied with the quality of this brand, so get ready to see a number of articles from this brand on my Instagram and, of course, on this Blog!

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