Now Wearing Cobalt Blue with Estelle London

OK, it’s actually a small rarity that you will see me in such bright colors. Given the difficult times that everyone is going through, I decided to add a striking pop of color to my work from home on Friday – in the form of cobalt sapphire!

Before anyone feels surprised that I’m currently not wearing workout pants and an oversized hoodie to work from home – let me explain! I had a video call with one of my agencies and I thought … what the hell is this?.. today, I decide to make up a full face and dress in a statement color to motivate myself. I mean, no one wants to see me in my lounge clothes every day when I zoom in on video channels and Instagram stories!

Here I am wearing Estelle London’s Tara shirt dress, and it literally made me feel quite powerful on this sunny Friday when I am working from my home office.

Don’t be fooled: I may have worn stacked heeled ankle boots for these photos, but I can assure you that I took the heels off once the camera was down! I like to dress up, but come on, slippers all the way when you’re at home!

This magnificent shirt dress has feminine chiffon sleeves with a small puffed arm and, as quoted by Estelle London’s website, a “cheeky and immersed hem”. I imagine that I pair it with a Blazer in spring or autumn with tights and black high-heeled boots, and in summer I wear bare legs (with rolled up sleeves).

To arouse a little interest, this dress is decorated with unique metal buttons and collar spikes that add angular details. You could actually pinch at the waist with a thin and delicate belt. I think I might give it a try next time I’m there!

It is also a quality item made from 65% cotton, so also super breathable. I recently came across Estelle London, so I thought I would share this dress with all of you if you are a lover of high-end fashion (the prices are rather luxurious due to the quality and design). I have also already discovered an elegant and quite fabulous green dress on your website! Oh my goodness- could this brand make me wear bright colors again? Interesting…

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