Some Ways to Save Money on Clothes

I’m trying to be much more sustainable, and this year I’m actively trying to spend less on clothes and be more environmentally friendly. Less Fast Mode Included! In fact, it’s more fun to spend money on food and travel, so Fashion is one of the areas in which I cut back massively.

Whether you have the budget for designer labels or you live on little money, here are some tips to help you save money when it comes to clothes.

1. have a style of your wardrobe

Most of us are afraid to clean our wardrobe. It can be annoying, and if you have a lot of clothes, it can be overwhelming. However, the end result is almost always worth it. There is nothing better than opening the doors and drawers to see rows of neatly folded and organized clothes that suit everyone. It can also save you money.

You may find old favorites: you may find a forgotten but beloved cardigan that has fallen into a pile of training pants, or an not-known combination of top and skirt that gives new life to some very rarely worn clothes. Anyway, a good sorting can inspire you again for your clothes. , and much less likely to go shopping and spend money on new ones.

Sell your clothes: Careful disposal will inevitably end with a pile of unwanted clothes on the bed or the floor. If you need money, you can try to sell your unwanted clothes instead of donating them to the charity shop. Finding the right place for your clothes depends on the quality of your pieces and their use. I often use eBay and Depop – you just need to save time to make a huge sales round!

2. purchases during the sale

If you need to buy clothes, try to time it when the sale takes place. These are usually after Christmas, in March and September (ish!). Keep your eyes peeled and you may find a bargain or two.

If you need something outside the sales period, look for offers and coupons. For example, you could find a Jacamo discount code if the man in your life needs a new outfit.

3. Outfit rental

Sometimes a special occasion appears – for example, a chic ball, a trip to the races or a wedding-and you need an outfit for it.

Instead of spending a fortune on something to keep it in the wardrobe forever, or settling for a inexpensive dress that you just don’t like, rent one. You can rent a dress for about 10-22% of the sale price, which will save you a lot of money. Sometimes the rental price also includes insurance and dry cleaning to save you costs and hassles.

Now there are a lot of retailers where you can rent a beautiful dress for an occasion.

4. visit the charity shop

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, or so the saying goes. Spend some time browsing the local charity shops. You never know exactly what you will find there, and from time to time, something unique appears! If you can, go to the upper neighborhoods – you are more likely to find high-end and branded clothes at a great price!

5. know where to buy at a low price

Okay, far from being the most environmentally friendly Option, but if you can’t go there without being seen in the recent Fashion, you know where to look.

6. learn how to read washing labels

Do you know these things in your clothes? They are not there to look good – they are there to tell you what your clothes are made of and how you should take care of them. Take the time to learn what the symbols mean and how they take care of certain fabrics, and you will find that your clothes look better and last much longer. No more shrinking these beautiful (and Expensive!) wool sweater in the dryer!

Before buying anything, read the washing instructions. For example, if this silk blouse can only be dry cleaned, do you think it will ever manage to dry clean it or will it get stuck in the bottom of your washing basket forever? Once you factor in the costs and efforts of dry cleaning, these items can become prohibitive.

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