Tips to Help You Style Your Jewelry

The style of jewelry requires a little practice, especially if you are not used to wearing different types of jewelry. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you want to understand how to properly style jewelry and wear it.

1. Customize your stones

Whether you are wearing a clear diamond ring or earrings with emeralds, remember that your stones are colored and should complement the rest of your clothes.

Wearing five different types of gemstones gives you a unique multi-colored look, but mix too many tones and it could be a little too overwhelming. Also, don’t forget to adjust your metals. So if you have gold zippers or button details on your clothes, try combining them with gold jewelry. The same applies to silver and rose gold.

2. Choose between clothes or jewelry

It is important to reconcile clothes and jewelry, but you should also choose one or the other as a focal point. If your focus is on your clothes, your jewelry should complement them.

If your focus is on jewelry, then you have unique pieces that stand out. Wear simple and discreet clothes so that the jewelry is the Wow feature.

3. Understanding the basic color theory

Basic color theory is essential if you want to spread different vibrations through your clothes and Accessories. This is a very useful tip for putting together outfits in general, so be sure to devote a little time to studying and understanding the emotions that each color evokes.

4. Remember, jewelry is worn to be seen

If you are wearing jewelry, make sure that it is visible. The earrings that hide behind your hair are a little unnecessary, and the ring bracelets hidden in the sleeves will only make you feel uncomfortable. Be confident and show off your jewelry instead of hiding it from the public eye.

5. There is something like too much

Too much jewelry can be a problem. It can not only add a lot of weight to your suits but also look a little tasteless and catchy if you don’t match your jewelry and worry about how you style it. Of course, a large amount of jewelry can work, but you need to style it correctly so that it looks beautiful.

Try not to collide when it comes to jewelry. Of course, stackable rings and bracelets look fabulous, but if that’s the matter, don’t layer your necklaces on top of each other, otherwise you peril Overkill.

6. Learning how to layer jewelry

The layering of jewelry is a great way to mix rather tame jewelry to create something unique and interesting for the eye. If you have rather simple accessories, folding them can be a fantastic way to create a unique look.

7. Wearing jewelry for the Season

Jewelry can be worn during seasons and events. For example, Valentine’s Day jewelry usually means a lot of red colors and heart-shaped Accessories. On the other hand, winter jewelry can have snowflake patterns and cooler tones.

8. Don’t just follow the trends

It’s easy to follow trends and just copy what others are doing, but if you want to stand out, go for what makes you comfortable. Trying to copy someone else’s Fashion doesn’t always go well and it feels like you’re trying to sneak into a shape that just doesn’t fit. Experiment with different styles and create something personal and unique for them.

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