Top Forever Unique Valentines Day Event

How did you spend Valentine’s Day? Last week I had the pleasure of spending Valentine’s Day with one of the most beautiful fashion and festive clothing brands in Manchester, Forever Unique.

I have been a big Fan of Forever Unique for so long. I remember hearing about them at least ten years ago and always keeping an eye on their high-end dresses when I had extravagant occasions (which doesn’t happen too often, but from time to time, my job leads me to fancy events!).

Even more, when the brand invited me to its event, which started at its headquarters, then at the Menagerie, I definitely wanted to know more about the brand to learn more about the collections and trends. Before the event, I was kindly sent a brand new dress to celebrate Valentine’s Day with The Forever Unique team and a handful of social media influencers. In the photo above (and below), I am wearing the mini-dress with bare embroidered lace and ruffled skirt-I decided that it was an ideal dress, because it will also take me into the Spring / summer 2020 season!

A little artificial tan on the legs and a cream or gray coat on the shoulders, and this dress is literally perfect. This is the first time in years that I have worn a Unique Forever dress, where I wanted to emphasize how good the quality is. In a world where we are overwhelmed by fast fashion retailers, I have become accustomed to the poor quality of fashionable retailers who offer outfits for less than.

Since I’m trying to get a lot more wear out of my clothes these days, it’s not really ideal for me to buy this way. I know that this dress will wash and wash and wash, and after a few wearing procedures, it still looks fantastic. Honestly, just walking through the showroom that the brand had built was like in the girls’ sky. The dresses and outfits are literally crazy – the most beautiful and feminine designs, all beautifully designed with ornaments, elaborate details and Wow prints.

If you can see it in the photo above, there is a dress with fan sleeves in black and white with orange accents. I was possess with this number! It is so different, cut to a magnificent shape and with the most elegant sleeves. And of course, if you like a pop of color, Forever Unique went to town with the bright and vibrant roses! No matter how bright the shade, every room looks noble and luxurious.

I must say that I also wondered a little too often about the glittering gold track above. I desperately need a few more elaborate events that I can participate in – as quickly as possible.

Also, a big thank you to the Manchester Platter Company for the awesome food they did so well. The most instagrammable gourmet screens that no one, in my opinion, dared to break through! Always someone who likes to eat, it didn’t take me long to grab a cookie and shovel it into the hummus. Once I broke the layout, I think everyone felt that they could go ahead and get into the fabulous spread!

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